SP-1 Combat Knife

SPEC PLUS Series knives are designed for military, sporting and rescue use. The SPEC PLUS products are a diverse mix of top-selling and innovative knife and tool patterns designed for military, sporting and first responder...
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SPEC PLUS Series knives are designed for military, sporting and rescue use.

The SPEC PLUS products are a diverse mix of top-selling and innovative knife and tool patterns designed for military, sporting and first responder purposes. Each knife in the SPEC PLUS series features a comfortable Molded Plastic handle, epoxy textured powder coated 1075 carbon steel blades, full tang construction and a nylon sheath.

Customer Reviews

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Disappointed in OKC

Yes I am disappointed in OKC with this one.
I own three other OKC knives and a machete and the quality was lacking in this one.
The blade was beyond dull, it took a lot of time to put a good edge on it.
The biggest disappointment is the sheath, over all it's just poor, sloppy fit, and the stitching was coming out straight out of the box. I wish it came with a good leather sheath.
I have been thinking about getting a leather kbar sheath and see if it fits. A pvc homemade sheath would be better than what came with it.

Yes I will keep the knife, after putting a edge on it I have no complaints about the knife it self...

Uneven blade profile and dull.

I received my SP-1 yesterday. I'm disappointed to find the blade bevel was way off center and the knife was dull.
It is going to take a lot of reprofiling to get a cutting edge on this knife. I'm not sure I am going to keep it, as I did not buy this for a butter knife.
Very low quality control.

Rick Hoffman
Work horse

Had this blade for over 2 years now. I've used it in pretty much every scenario. Throwing, box cutting, prying, twisting, you name it it's been through it. I've even worn 75% of the black coating on the blade and had it repainted. Bought it from a chain store they have a deal with. Molle has held up from severe abuse and so has the straps. I wear it every day when I'm just out and about on a thigh rig and that same thigh rig was used for work so this thing spent 14+ hours a day 365 days for two years and the only issue I had was that the stitching on the belt loop has fallen apart even though there isnt anything going through it. 9/10 knife.
TLDR. PRO: Durable as hell CON: Needs a sharpening often but that's probably from my over abuse

Steven Zagami
Disappointed in the blade

For a "Designed for military" advertised fighting knife, the blade could not even pass the easiest of tests, the paper test. It cannot slice all the way through. It keeps getting snagged, which means the sharpening during production is very poor. Also, if you look at the blade straight up and down, the tip is not evenly sharpened on both sides. Buying directly from OKC and spending more money to avoid a possible Amazon fake was a huge let down. This knife has potential, but now I have to spend even more money on sharpening stones to get it right. The handle is very good quality as well as the sheath, however, the sheath has the holes for the leg tie, but there is no tie provided?!?!? I had to buy my own. Would our military have to also? The only tie you get is a short shoelace to use as a lanyard strap and it's not durable at all. I gave it three stars for its overall quality and potential, but the dull blade is unacceptable due to the fact that it's advertised as "Designed for military" knife and because it costs more to buy directly from OKC. Please improve quality control.

Not Rambo
A liitle disappointed with the blade, but.....I'll keep it.

I am not John Rambo LOL and please keep in mind, I'm not bashing OKC at all, I just think it's a good idea to give a detailed review. I bought the SP-1 directly from OKC to avoid a possible Amazon fake. It came packaged very well (a plastic bubble pack that you have to open with a razor). The rubberized handle gives you a perfect grip and feels good in your hand. The lanyard hole is a good idea also, although I don't quite understand the shoe string given for it. Leather or paracord would be much more reliable I feel. The knife looks and feels like a quality item BUT, I was disappointed by the sharpness. I tried the paper test, trying to slice all the way through like a razor blade, but it just failed miserably, leading me to wonder if these knives are really made in the USA. I have done this same test with all my cheaper knives and they were all 100% razor sharp. I'm pretty certain giving it a good sharpening will bring out the true quality of this knife because I honestly believe it's not junk, it just needed a little more effort or TLC in the manufacturing process. So, I will not be returning it, I'll just sharpen it and move on. I may even buy the SP-6 if the sharpening does the trick. The nylon sheath is really good. The knife stays in even when both snaps are open. Less chance of it accidentally falling out. It does have the molle design so you can attach it how you want or add something to it. Unlike a leather sheath, the nylon closing straps fit over the guard and handle and snap in place right out of the package (no need for stretching). All in all I WOULD recommend this knife because of its overall quality and potential. I only gave it 3 stars because I feel a "designed for military" knife should be ready for action immediately. You shouldn't have to waste time sharpening it first. After all, why are we buying knives, for the blade right? Plus, buying directly from OKC for more $$$ should make you feel confident that it's going to be perfect from the start, and not an Amazon fake. I hope this review helps you and maybe even improve their manufacturing. Once I sharpen mine, I'll give an updated review.

  • BLADE COLOR: Black
  • BLADE FINISH: Powder Coat
  • BLADE GRIND: Full Flat Taper w/ Swedge
  • BLADE LENGTH: 7.0 in (17.8 cm)
  • BLADE MATERIAL: 1075 Carbon Steel
  • BLADE THICKNESS: 0.188 in (0.478 cm)
  • EDGE TYPE: Plain
  • HANDLE MATERIAL: Molded Plastic
  • HARDNESS: 57-59 HRC
  • LOCK TYPE: Fixed
  • MSRP: 53.85
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 12.1 in (30.8 cm)
  • SHEATH TYPE: MOLLE compatible
  • SKU: 8679
  • Weight: 1.05 (Lbs)
  • UPC: 071721-0-8679-6