Built to be versatile and durable, the RAT® series features high carbon steel , tough micarta handles and MOLLE compatible sheathes. The RAT's® make ideal fixed blade "every day carry" (EDC) or for on the work...
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Built to be versatile and durable, the RAT® series features high carbon steel , tough micarta handles and MOLLE compatible sheathes. The RAT's® make ideal fixed blade "every day carry" (EDC) or for on the work site, campground or down range.

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Steel is very soft

I go camping a lot and I don't like buying firewood. I bought this knife because my esee 4 is a little too small and I wanted a bigger knife. This knife lasted me 2 logs. Made it through the first one just fine but the second one put a huge warp right in the middle of the blade edge. It's so bad the knife is unusable now. It was a log that was already split, I was just making it smaller and got caught on a knot. I don't know if they have a good warranty but I don't care because I don't even want a replacement. I don't know what steel they're using now or how they heat treat, but it's a joke. Made me laugh at least.

Matthew Lindeen
Well made

The knives are well made, the handles are smooth. Not the biggest fan of the sheath, but that’s not the real focus of this product. I look forward to using them in bush craft works.

Just received mine...

Blade too thin from the edge to about 1/2" above the edge. Will be easy to roll and/or tear the edge. Otherwise, I like it. Well-made. Handle fits my hand very well. I wear 3XL glove size. Worth the price. Recommend.
BTW, nothing beats a SP-10 Raider Bowie ... no matter the price. Practically indestructible.

Made on a Friday or a Monday...

The knife I purchase has a reticulated edge. It's not supposed to. Whoever made it was very careless. QC was napping as well, apparently. Nonetheless, it performs pretty well. But I've bought several RAT knives: TAK-1, RAT-3, and RAT-7, and all were very well made and we're excellent performers. But that was six years ago. This RTAK II was disappointing.

Someone asked about the steel. Since Ontario doesn't seem to want to address this,(I sent an email, and no one responded) I will. The original RTAK II had a 1095 blade. There were some well documented failures, (YouTube) and the steel was changed to 5160. A great choice. Lately, perhaps to reduce costs, they seem to have changed to 1075. Not a bad choice for a chopper, but I believe they are using 1075 for their smaller carbon steel knives as well. If that's true, I will buy my knives elsewhere. I'm not a fan of 1075. Another maker uses it extensively, and I don't buy their stuff either.

Ontario has a long and illustrious history. I hate to see it going the way it is.

Joel Smith
disappointing durability, non existent warranty

I bought 2 of these knifes, one for me and one for my son after watching you tube videos about it. I’m a recreational camper, and thought these would be total overkill for splitting small kindling for campfires. It was great at first , and the wedge shape blade seemed to work well. After a year or so of intermittent use, one night I looked at it and noticed the blade edge was warped, I posted pics on my amazon review. I’m a knife guy so I was bummed but figured they would replace it. In the meantime I bought a cold steel trail master in san mai. Way more expensive, but I didn’t think I would mind having both and thought it would be fun to compare. I called Ontario knife company and they told me to email pics, which I did, weeks ago and no response. Forwarded the email , no response, still waiting. I called again today and they now say it would take a month to answer my email. A month to answer an email ? So you get so many warranty emails it takes a month to go through them and answer? I asked if they actually warranty knives and she said only for 2 years ... website says limited lifetime warranty on all usa made knives. The knife says “okc usa” on it. I get that some knives get abused by bad users , but I think I used this very lightly for what I would think it’s intended use and marketing suggests. I am not trying to get over on anyone and dont need to, I used it to split small kindling. The website description says “ideal fixed blade for everyday carry , for the worksite , campground or down range” Ummmm, not so much....as a military vet I would definitely not take this “down range” I could maybe still use it for light gardening I guess. I really dont like giving bad reviews, but its the vague and dismissive warranty process that is especially disappointing. C'mon guys, I am trying my best to support American manufacturing.

  • BLADE COLOR: Green
  • BLADE FINISH: Powder Coat
  • BLADE GRIND: Full Flat Taper
  • BLADE LENGTH: 10.3 in (26.0 cm)
  • BLADE MATERIAL: 1075 Carbon Steel
  • BLADE THICKNESS: 0.188 in (0.478 cm)
  • EDGE TYPE: Plain
  • HARDNESS: 53-55 HRC
  • LOCK TYPE: Fixed
  • MSRP: 124.75
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 16.6 in (42.2 cm)
  • SHEATH TYPE: MOLLE Compatible
  • SKU: 8669
  • Weight: 2.1 (Lbs)
  • UPC: 071721-0-8669-7