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The SPL (Sport Leisure) Pack knife is a simple drop point design with a thin comfortable contoured handle and full tang construction. It has a thin blade with a full flat grind for good slicing...
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The SPL (Sport Leisure) Pack knife is a simple drop point design with a thin comfortable contoured handle and full tang construction. It has a thin blade with a full flat grind for good slicing and food prep abilities but still tough enough for light chopping chores. It would be at home as a backpacking, hiking, climbing, camp, hunting knife or anywhere corrosion or moisture could be an issue. The SPL series repels corrosion in extremely harsh conditions thanks to the choice of Magnacut and G10 handles. The sheath is designed to snap-lock onto the depression in the hilt of the handle for maximum sheath retention, belt loops are molded for multiple configuration choices when attaching.

Customer Reviews

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impurity on the steel

received a knife full of impurity on the steel, blade has a few cavities and blade is full of "teethes" because of this.
Tried contacting Ontario but not much help there...

Anthony Hallen
Perfectly finished

I read early reviews for this knife and they had 3 comlaints--
poor match of handle scales to knife
poor grinding, not symetrical
not sharp.

The knife I got has a sharp edge and the fit and finish are precise and well aligned. It fits well in my hand with a good balance of density and agility. It feels strong and at the same time its center of gravity does not fight you--it moves easily to do what you want it to.

I am pleasantly surprised that this is a great knife. Whatever problems there were with the first production runs, the one I just got is perfect.

Thanks OKC for getting it right.

Max Kulakov
All purpose backpacking MagnaCut blade with some compromises.

I was hesitant to order the knife based on some critical reviews here. But I still went ahead and placed an order via BladeHQ. Fortunately, the knife did not have some of the most crucial manufacturing defects reported by other reviewers.

Out of the box the knife was shorter and heftier than anticipated. The blade had even grind but not sharp enough to seamlessly cut paper. The lanyard hole is indeed misaligned (and is not presented on the product photo here). The handle does feel on a slimmer side but is comfortable comfortable to grip.

Now to the sheath. Overall, I liked the compact size and how it secures the blade tightly, no rattle whatsoever. Push to release button works nice. The belt loops seemed to be a dealbreaker for folks and I can see why: two belt loops: 1 ½ and 1 ¼ tall each and ⅛ thick belts.

Conclusion: decent backpacking knife, not the highest level of craftsmanship but a good deal for a MagnaCut blade.

Patrick Post
Bad design

I received my knife that I purchased through knife center. The edge was not as sharp as I had expected, wouldn’t cut paper smoothly or shave, which I wasn’t too concerned about as I prefer to sharpen my knives to my liking anyway. The handle is very slim, almost too slim for any hard use, IMO, and the design of the sheath is horrible. I really like the locking aspect of the sheath but the openings for a belt or straps is way too narrow. I had planned to make this my everyday carry around the yard and for hunting but if I can’t carry it then it is pointless. I am disappointed with this purchase and will be returning the knife to knife center.

Terry Sitton
Bad grinds

Received mine with really I mean really off center grind more like a chisel grind. I'd show pictures but this site don't seem to let one to up load them so you can see for yourself.

  • BLADE COLOR : Satin
  • BLADE LENGTH: 3.90IN (10cm)
  • BLADE MATERIAL : Magnacut
  • HANDLE COLOR : Orange
  • LOCK TYPE : Fixed
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 8IN (20.3cm)
  • SHEATH COLOR : Orange
  • SHEATH MATERIAL: Molded Plastic
  • SHEATH TYPE: Snap Lock
  • COUNTRY OF ORIGIN : United States
  • UPC: