Bushcraft Seax

The Bushcraft Seax is the latest addition to Ontario’s Bushcraft series. Based on the historicAnglo-Saxon seax (seax is the Old English word for knife) it is a design that was popularfrom about the 7th-12th century....
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The Bushcraft Seax is the latest addition to Ontario’s Bushcraft series. Based on the historic
Anglo-Saxon seax (seax is the Old English word for knife) it is a design that was popular
from about the 7th-12th century. The deep clip forms a narrow point which is optimized
for fine cutting work and only 1/4” above the blade edge line to maximize cutting forces
similar to a sheepsfoot blade edge. The hilt is the ergonomic and time tested Bushcraft
Field Knife hilt and the handle scales are made of laminated hardwood. Overall the knife
reflects the over 500 year tradition of functional seax design made with modern materials
and technology.

Customer Reviews

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Great design at a great price!

I purchased the knife because of the design, I had never had a seax style knife. I’m currently using it and I can say it’s a fantastic design and the price is right. U.S.A. Made, with good quality- I have to admit that it should have been made with a carbon steel blade, and maybe a different sheath, (leather) and maybe a belt loop that attached to a brass ring so the sheath dangled below the belt or something like a crossdraw that rode on the left side at an angle. Something less “military” and more “bushcraft” and woodsy. That’s a minor thing though because at this price ($53.95 at SMKW) you can’t complain. The handle looks awkwardly long but is supremely comfortable and the knife is very well balanced. The blade is about 3/32” thick and has a thin full flat grind that gives a screaming sharp edge out of the box. The edges of the blade aren’t very smooth and well finished, they’re as stamped and there’s a small amount of metal above the beautiful light brown laminated wood grips, but honestly-who cares? It’s smoothed off that it’s not uncomfortable, it doesn’t feel sharp at all. Actually it gives it a very “workingman” like look that I like. I understand they had to cut some corners on things like finishing and sheaths to get this knife made in the US at a price point that would sell. They hit the nail right on the head. I’m going to make a leather sheath for mine with some brass or copper trimmings like the old originals, but honestly, the sheath is perfectly acceptable, its sturdy, it holds the knife well enough, it has a nice pocket for a sharpening tool or ferro rod, etc. It’s MOLLE acceptable and would ride “Scout style” on the back of the belt for those who want to wear it like that. It has a thong hole so you can put a thong or lanyard through it if you want. The blade is perfect length for 99% of the things you’re going to use a knife for in the woods, in camp or kitchen. It would make a great hunting/camp knife or for a camper. It could even be used by someone in the military-though the blade is a bit thin, but with a bit of care it would probably work fine. In all its a really nice made in the USA knife at a great price. Yes, I would much prefer a carbon steel blade-but even at that a 420 stainless steel one is perfectly usable for most things. Case makes the majority of their knives with 420 stainless and they have worked fine for around 50 years. The one REALLY bad point? That Ontario Knives closed and this fantastic deal of a knife is limited to the stock at hand. I’m sure it’ll still be available for a while, though. Gets yours while you can!

Dan Woods
Super Knife

This is such an unusual looking knife that I just had to order one. It has a large, sharp blade and a good, strong handle. If you are looking for something different, I highly recommend this knife.

  • BLADE COLOR : Satin
  • BLADE LENGTH: 4.43IN (11.2cm)
  • BLADE MATERIAL : 420 Stainless Steel
  • HANDLE COLOR : Brown
  • LOCK TYPE : Fixed
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 9.63IN (24.4cm)
  • SHEATH COLOR : Black
  • SHEATH TYPE: Retention Strap / MOLLE Compatible
  • COUNTRY OF ORIGIN : United States
  • UPC: