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     Ontario Knife Company is proud of its long history of making high-quality, Made in the USA tools. The axes in this section are tough enough to live up to that legacy.

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  1. SP-16 SPAX

    The SPEC PLUS products are a diverse mix of top-selling and innovative knife and tool patterns designed for military, sporting and first responder purposes. Each knife in the SPEC PLUS series features a comfortable Kraton® handle, epoxy textured powder coated 1095 carbon steel blades, full tang construction and a tactical sheath.


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  2. RD Hawk Pick

    The hawk series feature 1075 carbon steel and black texture powder coated blades. Black nylon sheath is included.

    The Ranger line is a set of combat and survival knives and tools designed and built for combat deployment in the most unforgiving terrain on the planet. All Ranger knives feature a thick blade made from robust carbon steel, a durable micarta handle and a MOLLE compatible sheath.

  3. Wyvern Crash Axe

    The Wyvern Axe is a military grade tool that is proficient during emergency egress situations or to make short work of clearing a line of small trees, debris, and wreckage. At 18.9 inches long and weighing 2 and a half pounds, conventional axes with simple design and a single task personality fall short in comparison. From across the sea in unforgiving military conditions, to the rapid response of being first on scene — and even huddled around a warm fire — the incredibly rugged, multi-dimensional Ontario Knife Wyvern Axe beckons to be summoned. Manufactured in the U.S.A.


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  4. SP-16 SPAX Orange

    The SP16 SPAX is a tool that may save your life one day. The robust quarter inch thick steel is engineered to have the strength to cut through most metals, but its compact 13 1/8th inch frame and 2.1 lb weight make it incredibly convenient to carry. Perfect for firefighters breaching a burning building or opening a fire hydrant, the SPAX will stand up to your most demanding use with ease. The high-visibility orange handle keep your SPAX visible through smoke, forest or cluttered gear. In case of emergency, deploy SPAX. Manufactured in the U.S.A.


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