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SP16-SPAX Tool

SP16-SPAX Tool With FG/UC Sheath Gets The Job Done
July 15, 2010


Ontario Knife Company has been designing powerful tools for military, sporting and rescue applications for more than a century — and the all-new Ontario Knife Company SP16-SPAX is another addition of highly versatile heavy artillery to its widely respected arsenal. This powerhouse is developed with features based on original WWII emergency crash axes, and is perfect for a wide range of applications, from emergency first responders and fire fighters to camping and hunting use.


Whether youʼre using its razor-sharp 1095 epoxy powder-coated carbon steel blades as a breaching tool to gain access to a burning building, or the special hole perfect for opening and closing fire hydrants or gas valves, the Ontario Knife Company SP16-SPAX is the perfect backup on the job. Plus, itʼs constructed with a comfortable, ribbed handle manufactured with a Kraton polymer, and features full tang construction, so itʼs the right tool for any camping trip or hunting adventure — tailor made for hacking through brush, chopping wood, or clearing camp.

The hole in its design also allows for a higher grip for more precise tasks, and while itʼs powerful and reliable, it has a compact profile — just 13.125” overall, with 8” blades that are .250” thick. Proudly made in the U.S.A., the Ontario Knife Company SP16-SPAX is part of the companyʼs rugged SPEC Plus line, and comes complete with its handy FG/UC combination leather/Cordura leg sheath, which fits load bearing equipment. It even has specialized tie down and webbing on the front to attach small knives and tools to make it a customized system to ʻcut to the chaseʼ for even the toughest jobs.

Like many products in the Ontario Knife Company line, after extensive testing and use in combat zones the SP16-SPAX quickly turned heads of government officials. It is now an issued contract piece of gear in the Army RFI (Rapid Fielding Initiative) Kit — a specially designed kit containing a slew of better, faster and lighter combat equipment that will hold up to a soldiersʼ rigorous use and extreme environments.